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Translucent guy line.

Natural feel / extensive backlighting

Stadl wood frame.

Muramour Linen

natural canvas.

playful color effect

linen wall fleece.

elegant design with a satin finish

Rustic and cozy.

Cottage in the autumn forest

"Today we are creating the stories that we will tell tomorrow!"

kunstraum7 is about making regional culture and tradition visible and tangible. Our focus is on the clients, their personality and well-being. As designers, we have the opportunity (oder chance) and challenge to create "real" living spaces. An area where you  feel cozy and warm. An area that energizes you. An area that enables you to live and work powerfully!

|A room of art|

It is our mission to create rooms worth experiencing… We will create a feel-good atmosphere for our customer from the very first moment we meet. Including intense talks about concepts, emotions, goals, materials and the production process to offer the one-stop solution our client wishes for. Our photos and graphics are printed in a high resolution on various background materials. We always take care for highest quality standards, a connection to our traditional area and sustainability.


|Art in the living area|

  • We think about atmosphere, image formats, fitting materials and uninhibited color effects with the goal to match and empower the interiour
  • We use an ever-growing unique photo archive with motives from the traditional “good old days” as well as impressions of our native mountain region and contemporary art.
  • Together with our client we combine everything needed to their very own experience of art in the living area.

Services | work

Illuminated Images

A branding process is used to applicate your motives to a translucent linen fabric. The natural structure of the linen is preserved and helps to get an even, large format illumination...

Muramour linen

The organic linen structure is giving a unique charm. The finished product will have a satin matt effect, that enables to play around with colours and helps supporting the interior...

Wall fleece

Wallpaper is far from being old-fashioned. Our wallpaper is extremely durable and has a strong adhesion. It can be used on large-scale areas and still features brilliant colours and a fine, organic feel...


We think lights being just lights are boring. They should be impressive in a way. We create lamps in all forms and shapes, that have the rustic flair of an old alpine cabin. Every piece is handmade with love and incorporates a piece of tradition.

Picture Frames made of old “Stadlholz”

“As a frame, wood from old Stadls begins to tell its story”


Stadlholz is wood from old alpine hey barns. The word Stadl is very Austrian, and its wood tells a story of old tradition.

It tells the story of working, eating, laughing, dancing, singing, fighting, and loving in the alpine region within its deep valleys and up on its high mountains. It tells a story of the simple, sometimes very hard but wholesome live of the alpine people.

This specific wood is the oldest witness of alpine tradition, and you can nearly feel the magic of the old days pulsing through it...

"The good old days"

We all know this idiom, that we try to bring alive and mix with the modern world. Our media archive contains a huge variation of nostalgic motives that show topics like winter sports, alpine sports, agriculture, hunting, forestry and many more...

Stadlholz sunburnt.

Rustic ambience with modern charm

wellness area.

Take a deep breath and dive in!

modern design.

meets rustic flair

Translucent guy line.

"The good old days"

natural canvas.

brilliant colors

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